September 18, 2018 Anastasia Itkina joins Born & Bred

We’re excited to announce that Anastasia Itkina has joined the Born & Bred team as a Sr. Graphic Designer. Anastasia is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer and printmaker. She graduated with First Class Honors, from the University of Hertfordshire, UK where she studied Graphic Design. Anastasia recently moved to the Bay Area from Moscow where she had been working agency-side for the past two years. When designing, she likes to create bold graphics using geometric shapes and bright colors. You can take a look at some of her past work here.

Welcome to Born & Bred!

And now, an interview with Anastasia:

Where do you like to draw design inspiration from?

Mostly from small everyday observations. Analyzing what you see around you really helps to come up with clever ideas for designs that need improvement or teaches you some great techniques of the past.

Favorite type of design project?

I have recently found myself fond of producing digital illustrations in various styles. I enjoy working with branding because it extends to all sorts of media, from print and digital to outdoor graphics and experience, which requires a great diversity of skills.

What are some of your passions outside of designing?

I create annual postcards and posters collections using risograph printing and handmade fluorescent silkscreen. I also produce daily photography using lo-fi gadgets and regularly update my photo collection.

Check out her fantastic personal portfolio here

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