July 13, 2018 Founder, George De’Ath, on how design is evolving the cannabis industry

Our CEO & Founder, George De’Ath, spoke with the LA Times to discuss how the influence of tech, brand, and design are evolving the cannabis industry. The story, which you can read here, covers the recent trend of tech workers leaving companies like Apple, Amazon and Lyft to work in cannabis—an industry that is in need of design and education for consumers—much like tech was 20 years ago.

Recreational cannabis has caused a wave of new consumers for the industry, making the need for differentiated brands and education more prevalent than ever before. From a branding perspective, products need to be easily understood and functionality must be seamless. As covered by the LA times:

“Designer George De’ath, who runs design agency Born & Bred, believes the tech influence has been a boon for the cannabis industry because it’s helping transform a complex, difficult-to-understand product into something simple and elegant that fits into people’s lives — much like what Apple did for the smartphone and Fitbit did for the fitness tracker.

The tech industry used to have a similar stigma,” De’ath said. Until companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon came along, tech was largely viewed as the realm of geeks. But today, even the most complex of technology is presented in a way that doesn’t intimidate customers.

“These products are incredibly sophisticated, but you don’t want to know that,” De’ath said. “That’s what the tech industry nailed.”

At Born & Bred, we’re committed to continuing to support the cannabis industry and are excited to see how the presence of brand and design elevate both products and brands.

Check out the article here

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