using technology to connect Angelinos with cannabis

Launched in 2014, Eaze is a technology platform that provides on-demand delivery of legal cannabis products to adults from local-licensed retailers. Their innovative software gives local cannabis businesses the tools they need to build a legal and sustainable industry, while staying compliant with local and state regulations.

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Co-marketing with the Grateful Dead

Eaze partnered with the Grateful Dead to raise the brand’s profile in the Los Angeles market. We helped them design complimentary, co-marketing collateral for the Eaze and notorious Grateful Dead brands. We tweaked the Deadhead logo by adding an Eaze twist, and used that imagery in digital campaigns, posters, banners, print advertising, t-shirts and other swag.

Creating cannabis advertorials for Eaze

We developed print advertorials for Eaze and its partners, ensuring consistent brand touchpoints across billboard, magazine and pamphlet materials.