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Eaze Builds Momentum, a Cannabis Accelerator

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Even though the cannabis industry continues to progress with legalization, many today are still underrepresented, marginalized, or affected by the War on Drugs. Eaze wants to make sure that as the industry moves forward—everyone moves with it. We are excited to see the launch of Eaze's cannabis accelerator, Momentum.

Momentum wants to add more vibrancy to the cannabis industry. So we created a brand that feels culturally significant, defiant, and well of course, vibrant. The name Momentum was derived from Eaze’s tagline ‘Enjoy the Moment’—serving as a nice tie back to the parent brand.

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Cannabis operators in the United States have a new opportunity to grow their businesses courtesy of San Francisco-based cannabis marketplace Eaze and its partners Ultranative and Bail Capital.

On Tuesday, September 24, Eaze and its partners announced the launch of Momentum, a business accelerator aimed at helping underrepresented cannabis business founders in the country grow their companies and succeed...

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