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Dieline recognizes Born & Bred. Twice.

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We’ve praised the devil in the details since day one and Dieline—the creative platform dedicated to the packaging community—noticed. Familiar (an understatement) with the cannabis industry, we didn’t think twice when Drift and Aja each approached us to help forge their brand identity and visual design. 

For Drift, we decided to ditch the extreme tropes of being either clinical or stoner. Instead, we found an elevated space for the brand in nautical motifs and cool ocean tones for a “subtle and sophisticated” finished product, according to our friends at Dieline. Through nostalgic line art and subtle type, we created a seamless visual identity for a cannabis mint that made waves in the industry’s uncharted waters.

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Navigating industry trends, we challenged convention for Aja’s branding. Since its inception, ‘cannabis for women’ has either focused on pain relief or beauty. Yawn. Instead, we posed Aja as the fun—highly unapologetic—women’s cannabis brand. Our approach to Aja’s visual design became what Dieline considers “warm, inviting and authentic,” through subtle winks of feminine color and bold, eye-catching type treatment. The final product? Aja, the proud sponsor of cutting your own bangs and oh so much more. 


Thanks for making us blush, Dieline.

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