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The D2C industry has exploded over the last couple years with over $4.5B in venture funding pouring into the category since 2017. D2C health brands like Nurx and Hims have changed the way people get medication, but there is an area in healthcare that has lagged: mental healthcare. Significant regulation in this field has deterred many from trying to diagnose and provide treatment online—but not Rise Health.

Rise Health needed a strategy, name, and brand identity that would resonate with patients seeking treatment for a variety of mental health illnesses—starting with ADHD. Whether the patient is in "an online check-in today keeps the doctor's office away" mood or in the "I need a literal shoulder to cry on" mindset, our branding aim to be inclusive to all—no matter where they're at in the mental healthcare journey. Seeking help is hard enough, so everything about the experience needed to simple and welcoming.

Visit Ahead

We ultimately, landed on the name Ahead. It speaks to patients moving past dated methods for treatment, while also phonetically stating our anatomical area of expertise: ‘a head.’ Pretty simple, right? We took this clarity and transparency and thoughtfully applied it to every nook and cranny of this brand. Ahead is humanizing a complex, stale industry—and now the brand refreshingly reflects that.

Wherever your head's at, now it's easier to move Ahead.