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Herb for Her

Today’s leading cannabis brands for women typically focus on two things: pain relief and beauty. But in an industry that is going “recreational”, where is the fun brand for women? Why are women expected to make excuses for their consumption? 

So we set out to create a national brand for millennial and GenX women that doesn’t play into the current marketplace tropes: clinical design, stereotypical messaging, sterile personality, and in-authentic expression.


We made a brand for the woman who wants to do...well…anything high. Pretty simple, huh? Aja wants her to know no matter the reason you don’t need a reason. “Highly Unapologetic” served as our tongue-in-cheek rally cry for this brand narrative; while, our visual design broke stigmas by not playing into the stereotypes of overabundant pink and flowers.  Aja isn’t changing women cannabis users, but rather how the category is perceived.


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Born & Bred' s Visual Design For Women's Cannabis Brand Aja Sets It Apart As The Fun Brand

Why can't cannabis just be fun? That's the question poised by brand Aja, which targets GenX and millennial women, and wants to steer away from marketing marijuana as functional, providing a high for whatever their customers like doing high.