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How smart shoppers shop smarter

One of the biggest headaches online shoppers face is paying more than they have to. That’s where Checkmate comes in. When Checkmate seeks, shoppers save.

Checkmate is a personalized tool that helps online shoppers get more shopping and enjoyment out of the experience. It finds the best discount codes from your email and across the web, and so much more.

To reflect this innovative and modern experience, Born & Bred developed a brand identity, assets, and web design for Checkmate. The custom wordmark has strong geometric features that feel reliable. Curves in the “k” of the wordmark tie back to the curves of the Checkmate symbol to form a cohesive unit. This design language comes through in the extensive illustrations and animations that were built for the Checkmate web experience.

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Checkmate, an innovative online shopping tool, is helping shoppers save money and shop smarter in 2022.