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Bottled up feelings.

Like a genie in a bottle—but instead of three wishes—Click grants you four.


Restore. Chill. Dream. Go. Whatever your desired effect is, Click makes it (you guessed it) a click away. From naming to product design to packaging to website, Born & Bred’s fingerprint is all over this cannabis mouth spray.

As seen in the name, bold simplicity was our guiding principle throughout the branding. The design system feels as sleek and intuitive as the product, while the personality is as fun and unexpected as what’s bottled inside. Look out for Click in keychains, pockets, and grandma’s handbags everywhere when it launches nationally. 


By making the ‘i’ in Click represent the bottle, the logo builds brand equity around the unique triangular form factor of the bottle. The custom ‘i’ is a top down view of the spray, while the triangular dot acts and moves like an actual spray mechanism. We also ensured the scale of this 'i' is 1:1 with the height and width of the bottle.