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Cooler Heads

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Transforming life for people with cancer

When people are diagnosed with cancer, they're often told that losing their hair is a fact of life that they have to deal with. Cooler Heads shows them another way. 

Cooler Heads empowers people to manage the side effects of cancer treatment on their own terms with Amma, the brand’s affordable, self-administered scalp-cooling system. This gives people the chance to shape their own narrative, which improving their sense of self and their recovery.

To bring that vision to life, Born & Bred developed a cohesive brand strategy and identity. We pushed beyond typical cancer tropes, to shape a brand that feels real, relatable, and trustworthy. Wavy letterforms in the wordmark are inspired by the ups and downs of the cancer journey. The hand-drawn iconography and graphic style lends an additional personal touch. This identity was then brought to life through Cooler Heads’ physical product, packaging, and website.


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