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Highly Calculated Delivery

Brainy and heady, coder and toker, know-it-all and smoke-it-all, Eaze is the weed nerd calculating the best blaze for your buck.

As California’s largest cannabis delivery shifts to verticalization, Eaze sought a new positioning and brand that better reflected their new offering. “Highly Calculated Delivery” is both the tagline and positioning for Eaze’s service, branding, and campaign. The new branding pulls from the intersection of nerd culture and weed culture in an extended series of imaginative scenarios. This brand refresh is the first of a larger shift in the industry. As the market leader, Eaze understands that their objective is no longer to de-stigmatize weed for first-time smokers, but rather, to celebrate weed for those who have already become regular consumers. And now, Eaze is confidently positioning themselves as the lovable weed nerds—experts in data, delivery, and, of course, dank.


In glitch-art fashion, our content takes on randomized styles—from 8-bit to 3D rendering—and subject matters—from bubble baths to moon landings. So, we created a grid system to enforce laws around our lawless content. The grid provides clarity and better brand recognition for our “random” content and copy. All of this is grounded by an understated refresh to their logo.


With such a focused positioning, the launch campaign showcases its data-driven legs across 200+ placements throughout California. Each one communicates real, relevant data but with a cannabis spin. Some billboards even have custom copy to incorporate hyper-relevant facts. We're talking: fortune cookie insights in Chinatown, SF Giants stats near the ballpark, quantifying bong refills from LA's Silver Lake. 

“After six years and six million deliveries, it was time to revisit the Eaze brand to make sure it aligned with how we’ve evolved as a company. Born & Bred were great partners through the process. They’re unafraid of taking strategic creative risks and did an incredible job of capturing where Eaze is today, and where we want to go.”

Rogelio Choy


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