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Brand Identity
Hit the high note.

Weed is fun. But getting it can be a drag.

Sure, we’ve come a long way from dirty handshakes and calling it pot—but the sterile, doctor’s-office-dispensary vibe is less than sexy. So we ushered cannabis to the Mainstage by making shopping for it feel as wonderful as using it.

Through bold, brave colors, and handwritten type treatment, we created an avant-garde brand identity to craft a boutique experience. Instead of walking into a waiting room, you sashay into a vintage-dusted vestibule with a modern glaze that complements an inviting, quality cannabis experience. Lush, greenery-dotted walls and hazy lighting play off the polish of gold accents and thoughtful patterns. From the experiential interior design to the oh-so-detailed swag and packaging, we brought Sacramento into weed’s golden era and introduced a new lead to the Mainstage.