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Transforming the organic  social media presence of  a multinational innovator.

Pfizer approached Born & Bred in search of a creative partner to expand what is possible for the Pfizer brand when it comes to content, tone, and engaging through social media. They were looking for a team to leverage their communication insights to create dynamic attention-grabbing assets for use both on owned social channels and for use in providing to influencers to combat disinformation online.


We worked with the team at Pfizer to explore and define the line between trusted pharmaceutical thought leader and attention-grabbing master of online expression. What began as a partnership to combat vaccine disinformation online soon expanded to include celebrations of science in all its manifestations, highlights of trailblazing individuals and teams, nods to history, rapid responses to current events, and so much more. 

Internally, we researched and created long-lasting content franchises to be delivered in regular cadences. We handed off assets weekly that were always timely, relevant, design-forward, and compelling. We ultimately helped steer the ship of this behemoth–encouraging not only Pfizer, but also their sphere of partners to take informed risks and create the engaging content they never before would have considered.

“The most engaging across every post in the landscape. You’re #1!”