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Del Monte

Messaging & Copy
Brand Identity
The Jewel of the Jungle

When the pineapple’s inside is pink, how do you get people talking about the packaging on the outside?

Del Monte came to Born & Bred with a unique product: a pink pineapple. And they needed a brand that turned Pinkglow from just a product into an actual experience. So we decided to highlight the pineapple’s rarity by building a backstory that played up the fruit’s ties with exotic royalty. Like the fairy godmother, we waved our wand and made this pink pineapple fit for a prince. 

It was important to make Pinkglow feel as if it came from some mysterious tropical province. So everything in this brand was given the royal treatment: deep rich colors, custom coat of arms, patterns ripped straight from a tea party’s wallpaper, and even replacing the pineapple’s crown with, you guessed it, an actual crown. Pinkglow was a success, gracing its presence among Jimmy Kimmel, Martha Stewart, The Food Network, The Today Show, and influencer feeds everywhere.

B&B was instrumental in developing a powerful concept to turn a fruit into an experience, a must have luxury item: “The jewel of the jungle”. The visual id was astounding, reflecting a lush Costa Rican royalty with attention to every minimal detail. All of this was rounded with the development of robust social media assets that helped us achieve a launch the exceeded all of our expectations.

Pablo Rivero
Vice President of Marketing