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Brand Identity
That Sh*t's Strong

Sip it to rip it.

To us, the best part of cannabis is that reliable, euphoric body high from the most classic of cannabinoids, THC. So we created S*Shots— for when you want to blaze to the moon (or the couch), sesh it up with fellow stoners or when a CBD gummy just won’t hit the spot. So let us raise our glasses to the adventurers, pioneers and connoisseurs of THC, because this sh*t’s strong.

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The cannabis-infused shot for the THC enthusiast.

In the world of cannabis, we needed to give S*Shots an assertive presence to let people know exactly what to expect from the product—100mg of THC. With such a strong message—and dosage—we wanted to rely on a strong typographic design to bring that message to life.

We made sure to inject the strength straight into the design by creating a linear pattern on the front to draw the eye into the center to focus on the flavor, the brand, and most importantly, the high amount of THC that’s included in every bottle. With no detail overlooked, the branding considers every element on the label—even working in the California cannabis logo into the design.


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S*Shots: Drink For A Really, Really Good Time

Is the room spinning or was it the S*Shots? The masculine, serif typeface on each bottle gets flanked by lines that look like sun rays, a nod to the euphoric feeling you'll likely have while enjoying S*Shots.