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Shelter Label

Brand Identity
Absolute modularity.

Shelter Label came to us with a very interesting request with an even more interesting product—modular utility bags with a strong attention to detail and an effortless complexity. With the ability to customize your very own bag for almost any activity, we knew we needed to create a brand system just as special. Inspired by the forward-thinking yet effortless aesthetic of Japanese streetwear, the durability of military garb, and the chill vibes of Socal (where the brand was created and housed) we hit all corners and supplied SL with an undeniably authentic brand.

Having been concocted by a creator with decades of utility bag design experience and carried by a partner with more mileage points than Santa Claus, Shelter Label was set to be the world’s next IT bag. But not just any bag, a bag that could potentially last an apocalyptic Armageddon all whilst making the carrier look good while doing so.


When it came down to the logo, we needed something versatile, universal, and unique. So we drew inspiration from the biggest selling point of the product—the modularity. Each bag comes with the ability to customize its accessories and usage. So we took that aspect and conveyed it through creating a system of building blocks that had the ability to change form depending on its context. Another key feature was the direct-to-consumer relationship. The products would exclusively be sold online so we paired it with a very clean and digital typeface as well as a digitally friendly color palette.