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Wait Till You Hear This

What's that you hear off in the distance? Progression? Innovation? Optimism? That's Whisper.

Unlike other hearing aids, Whisper constantly improves over time. By utilizing deep learning AI, it gathers data to make personalized software updates. Whisper focuses on a future where the best is yet to come because ever-evolving technology allows it. This narrative unfolds in our tagline—Tomorrow sounds even better—and carries it through all facets of branding.

Evident in the logo, geometric shapes are used to visualize sound and progression. For instance, our lifestyle photography overlays squares as a representation of visual 'noise.' Whether it's a static billboard or a motion graphic, squares vanishes over time to show clarity and progression. All of this combined with a warm color palette and charming illustrations make for a brand that demonstrates optimism about the future.

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You folks are *seriously* incredible. Worked with a few firms now and B&B was head and shoulders better than the rest.

Dwight Crow